Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis comes in many forms nowadays, from vapor to delicious cookies, but have you heard of tinctures? Tinctures could be a great alternative, especially if you prefer not to smoke, vape, or have food-related allergies.

What are cannabis tinctures?

Tinctures are small bottles of cannabis-infused alcohol that often come with a dropper to measure the quantity you want to ingest. Some tincture products can be sipped straight from the bottle and look similar to 5-hour energy bottles. Like other cannabis products, tinctures can be CBD-based, THC based, or a combination of both.

How are cannabis tinctures made?

Tinctures are made using a solvent like MCT oil or alcohol to pull active compounds from the plant. The cannabis flowers are steeped in high-proof grain alcohol (or MCT oil) and applied to low heat for an extended time. This potent liquid is created when the active compounds are infused into the alcohol. Tinctures can have a harsh taste from alcohol or MCT oil, so some brands and companies add flavoring to make them taste better.

What are the benefits of using tinctures?

CBD and THC can aid in many things like:

  • Boost your “happy hormone,” AKA the serotonin receptors in your brain that help regulate your mood
  • Ease chemotherapy symptoms
  • Psoriasis and eczema. CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial so you can add some drops to your moisturizer.
  • You furbabies can benefit from cannabis products, but stick to tinctures or oils!
  • Tinctures are the perfect option for those with food-related allergies and intolerances or looking for sugar-free and gluten-free cannabis options.

How do you use it?

Tinctures are meant to be taken in small doses, which is why most come with a dropper to measure the potent liquid. Tinctures are commonly taken by applying is underneath the tongue with a dropper. You can add it to meals like soup and pasta or beverages like coffee and tea.


How much should you take?

Think about the phrase, “Start slow and go low.” 

Tinctures can contain varying amounts of CBD or THC. Some may have 500mg, while others have over 1000mg! Your weight, body chemistry, and the purpose you want to use it determine how much you should use. We recommend starting slow and low doses to see how your body responds to it and slowly build tolerance. 

Where can you find tinctures?

We’re glad you asked! You can buy cannabis tinctures online on our website!

Cannabis products can make an incredible impact on your mental and physical health! Tinctures are an excellent alternative for anyone looking to try a new cannabis product, beginners wanting to start their cannabis journey, and those needing allergen-free options!